An Opportunity

Almost 12 months has passed since I jumped into my first Web Conference….at the deep end. It was a Training Session offered by the Department Of Education and Early Childhood Development, in their Virtual Conference Centre.

I was hooked, the concept of communicating with educators in real time, from anywhere around the world, was was exciting.

Since then I’ve attended many sessions in Elluminate, communicated and shared information with passionate educators and gained skills in the area of eLearning.

Last week I found myself in this session: Blogging-A Digital Literacy on the 21st Century.


Award winning educator Anne Mirtschin, gave me an opportunity to chat about my blog during the webinar. I was honoured….thanks Anne.

Here is a link to the details about this webinar, along with the recording.

Teachers…there are so many ways to build up your professional development hours. Here are a few suggestions:

  • do the Web Conference training in DEECD’S Virtual Conference Centre
  • set up a blog and reflect on your PD
  • participate in the Australia Series webinars…they are welcoming, informative and fun

I know that time is short but these can be done online and, for some, at home in your own time.