iPhone 8 Plus Review

The Apple iPhone 8 Plus was released in September 2017. Since it’s release shortly before the iPhone X. The phone has been a near instant success among Apple users and enthusiasts. The bigger phone, which screen size is approximately 5.5 inches, is an excellent phone to use if you are looking for a powerful mobile device from a prominent and long-standing company.

iPhone 8 Pricing

The iPhone 8 Plus is priced at $799.00, which puts it on the more expensive side of mobile devices – however, the upgraded features, smooth design, and user-friendliness that this phone offers makes the price seem fair in comparison. When purchasing the phone – Apple will provide EarPods with the lighting connector, the phone, the USB lightning cable, and the USB power adaptor.

While the phone may be an upgrade from the previous iPhones, it still features a similar set up of an iPhone, such as the lighting port to plug in your apple headphones and charger, a pressure-sensitive home button, the speakers aligned against the bottom of the phone, and the other familiar side buttons. However, the iPhone 8 Plus has a slimmer design that weighs a total of 7.13 ounces (202 grams). Moreover, the iPhone 8 Plus comes in several classic colours: gold, silver, space grey, and now product red. Some of the phone colours will either have a front display that is completely black or completely white.

iPhone 8 Features

This Apple product has a few additional features, all of which will be listed below:
• 3D touch
• Wide colour display
• Multi-lingual support
• Fingerprint resistance coating
• Display Zoom
• Accessibility
• True colour tone display
• Wireless charging option
The new and improved camera featured on the iPhone 8 Plus takes exceptional photos that could be compared to using a traditional DSLR camera. The phone features a new sensor and image signal upgrade which promises that photos will come out clearly – despite the time of day. The newly installed A11 bionic chip ensures that each photo will show the most authentic and true to life colours, improved low light images, and autofocus that only takes seconds to adjust to the setting. Furthermore, the recently added portrait mode has had an upgrade as well. Portrait mode on the iPhone 8 plus features several different lighting settings which will make using this camera feature easier to use.

Each iPhone 8 Plus comes with IOS 11 automatically installed. While previous Apple IOS systems have been a hit or miss – IOS 11 has shown that it is one of Apple’s most innovative IOS updates that focuses on increasing overall productivity along with making the phone more user-friendly. With IOS 11, users have an easier method of transferring information between Apple devices. Moreover, it features an array of settings that can make using your iPhone more interesting, such as a newly designed user interface, more options for the control centre, and a smoother layout which gives the phone the much-needed upgrade to make it stand apart from other Apple devices.

Overall, the iPhone 8 Plus is a well-designed and unique Apple product. Despite this phone being released in the last year, it is still being constantly updated to ensure that it will remain functional, modern, and stylish for the next upcoming years. It is one of Apple’s most innovative phones, and it’s definitely worth the hype it received during its release and the hype that it still currently receives.