Discover the technology of smart shirt for players

In the 4.0 era, the introduction of the GPS PLAYR player tracking system is inevitable, although using this smart shirt has the positive and negative aspects of what technology provides.

To get started, you need to make sure the GPS SmartPod is fully charged. When you’re done, dress up and then slide into SmartPod. Download the application and after finishing, upload the data. Only that. As soon as the installation is complete, it will track some performance indicators during use. To stop monitoring, simply remove the SmartPod from your shirt. Also, there are other steps you need to take to make sure everything is being tracked.

Certainly, there are lots of useful information you can get from wearing smart shirts, in which heat maps are a favorite part of many players. What to consider when wearing a shirt is the time you start and stop (to be as accurate as possible) plus that you need the internet to notify the system exactly where you are playing on the field. This helps organize all the information in the real field of the game field such as travel distance, travel speed, etc.

SmartVest is designed to fit nicely on your body, wrapping around your chest and upper body. It can be worn directly or you can wear it through a T-shirt. It is important that you can wash your clothes after each wear.

According to many players, SmartVest helps players become better. The system provides a lot of feedback after training and matches, giving you some detailed information you can use to adjust your gameplay. It will take some practice to complete the data and give you more comprehensive details of what you are doing right and wrong. You can also get the statistics of a professional player when practicing or competing to compare with yourself. For an amateur or simply a kick, those figures are very valuable because it will help them where to improve.

However, in addition to the positive points like shirts that wrap around the chest, monitor important performance data, allowing comparison of personal data with professional players, providing feedback to help you can improve, the drawback of smart shirt is that the wearer only feels more comfortable with a T-shirt underneath, needs a phone to upload the application, the shirt does not work because SmartPod has problems.