Top great mobile phones for sports (Part 2)

In this article, we continue to review some mobile phones which you can use in playing sports. It has unique features about design and configuration so that it’s convenient and useful to serve you during the game.

If you are a fan of sport, you shouldn’t miss our recommendation to avoid damage and risk for your smart phone in playing game.

3, Ulefone Armor 2

Ulefone Armor 2 is certified IP68 which is useful to be active under the water.

It is compatial with Octa-core with 1080×1920 resolution, so it is highly appreciated for easy-care and easy-clean.

Google android 7.0 is fixed on its operation. So good to download any app from the store.

Although it is used for sport, the camera 16 megapixels is so greate to take good pictures. Espcially, it has a long span about 4,700 mAh. It is comparatively long to go outside during a day. It is a strong feature compared with other smartphoens.

Besides it, it is designed sturdy to be against drops and broke. So, this smartphone is deserved to be bought within bugdet about $280.

4, Hamswan S2

If you tend to own a basic phone to use alongside with another smartphone, Hamswan S2 is a cheap phone for your option. At price about $25, it’s reasonable to reference.

It also reaches IP68 cerfication and connection 2G only. It has long battery about 2,200 mAh.

Quality of camera is suitable with its value. Only reaching to 0.2 megapixels. However, it’s a spare part while you are playing game. So, it’s not really necessary.

Expect smart functions like camera, using the internet in limitation, it is easy to text and call anytime. Display only has 2.0 inch display so it’s easy to put in your bag without feeling discomfort.

Top great mobile phones for sports (Part 1)

You usually go out to play outdoors sports, so you prefer to use a rugged smartphone instead of super device as normally. It’s great because your activities can lead to a drop or fall accidentally and break your phone. It wastes if you are using an expensive smartphone.

Don’t worry because there are a wide range of option for rugged phone to withstand your drops and falls many times. 

Furthermore, it is integrated to be against dust and water protection. Maybe these appearances don’t look nice and slight as normal smartphone, but it’s convenient to protect itself when dropping from the height. Even, it is extra durable after some breaks or falls.

In this article, we share top great mobile phones matching to go outdoors and play sports.

1, CAT S41

It is run on the Android operating system which is considered as the best systems all over the world.

It is compliedwith IP68-certification. It means it has good ability for water and dust protection. 

Although the peformance is not good as sotiphicated devices, it has impressive hardware. It has RAM with 3GB and internal memory storge with 32GB which is enough to save a big source of data.

This device is convenient to use GPS and bluetooth availably while you are running or playing.

2, Doogee S60

Doogee S60 is also used the Android operating system. In general, Android is suitable to design the rugged devices when they focus on harward than software.

This phone is bigger than CAT S41 with 5.2” IPSdisplay. It is also integrated with IP68-certification as CAT S41.

Because budget of Doogee S60 is more expensive, it has 64GB internal memory and estimated 128GB in micro-SD. This storage is so large to cover everything in a long time.

Top great innovations in sports

In this article, we continue to share top the greatest innovations about technology in sports. The truth that technological equipment motivates sport industry to develop strongly and conveniently for both athletes and spectators. Therefore, it is deserved to praise and admire.

Our ranking only reflects a small part among millions of invention from technology. However, the following list plays an important role to create new events as well new records for many kinds of sports.

7/ The Headset in football training

The headset is one of the best technology for football to make the working environment more conveniently. Sometimes coaches will stay in the box to see footballers overall. Then they use the headset to instruct and work with them.

This way is useful and helpful to see total view of games. Then head coach can know clearly that how all positions in pitch are playing or what’s strength and weakness of per footballer. He will guide directly to per player or all team only by a headset. He can talk directly with team.

This advance makes training process to look more professionally and effectively. It looks a higher level in training. However, sometimes footballers are neglected due to crowd noise.

8/ The cyclops and hawkeye tracking in tennis

Both inventions have contributed to change tennis to more professional level when it consults precise calls and aspect of elimination.

The cyclops was invented firstly to build up a system of six infra-red lights. It is only far from the ground within a centimeter. In case the tennis ball is hit inside the court, all the lights outside will be cut off. On contrast, hitting outside means that there is a sound to be released the immediately the play will be stopped. It’s easy to follow.

Taking inspiration from ideal of cyclops, hawkeye will be made up with more cutting-edge technology. There are more multiple cameras to be set up around the court under many angles to lighten up the ball movements correctly. Then the camera has automatically realized 3-D images to give final decisions.

10 great innovations in sports

Sport is an important part in the human life. It boosts and impacts to development of people like changing attitude, thoughts, making more jobs or remarking reputation to the ranking of history. 

To make growth in sports, many people do research and invent technology or equipment to make great innovations. In this article, we share top 10 outstanding innovations in sports. You should follow to discover more process of sports in the human life.

The truth that there are a wide range of sport type being different from nation to another nation. Therefore, we only check list special innovations of popular sports.

5/ The net camera in hockey

This innovation can be not a complex device, but it contributes to change the rule of almost games, especially hockey.

Using a camera set up above the net is to see the process of making score correctly. Through the net camera, referee and his assistants can check again whether it beats clock or not. So, any argument happens, they can re-check to find the correct status. 

6/ Photo finishes in animal races like horse race, dog race

Coming to a great innovation in animal races. It calls as photo finishes when it is applied in track and field so that we can find the winner in case there are two athletes arrive at the same time. Thanks the shooting up to 3000 frames per second, it gives correct results about the first racer correctly.

It is more useful and helpful than using electronic timer because it has 3000 pictures to observe whether which athlete can get the crown. The truth that camera can not reflect perfect result by seconds.

In general, this innovation makes correct and right for winner. Then it also is applied to swimming, running.

10 great innovations in sports

Sport brings a lot of benefits for players, including health and fitness. Therefore the human life are close with sports naturally.

Look back history of sports from the origin until now, we can see clearly changes and innovations. It’s also a good result of growth and advanced technologies which make our lives better and more modern.

In this article, we continue to refer great innovations in sports. Following it to understand more about growth of the human in sports.

3/ Radar gun in baseball

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the world, update in 2020. It’s well-known wide in India, Iran, The USA, The UK so on.

Because it has a rich history, scientists are interesting in inventing equipment to serve competitions as well training course of athletes. The truth that radar gun is one of the greatest innovations in baseball.

In baseball, to determine winner, they will base on one pitch speed. So, the radar gun has been invented from this demand. Radar gun is extremely sensitive to check the starting pitcher as well speed of bat whether it’s right or not.

Since radar gun was invented, it becomes one of the most impressive things in general sport.

4/ Multi-faced clock in basketball

In basketball, clock is extremely important to follow the time-up correctly. As a traditional way, athlete would see unclearly at the corner of the court or a baseline three-pointer.

Nowadays, multi-faces clocks are great innovations so that players can see total view about time-up only by a glace, you can take action it carefully and effectively.

The fact that this model is lower from 4 or 3.5. It’s new version with three or four sides, so someone are asking special design to make unique brand of TV.

10 great innovations in sports

In the modern live, technology plays an import role to push better and better. All people love technologies in all fields because it brings convenience, benefits and usefulness.

In this article, we share 10 greatest innovations in sports all the time. Among different millions of sport innovations, we collect 10 most outstanding inventions make breakthrough for athletes, referee, coach and even spectators.

Following it to look back history of sport with innovations.

1/ Computerized score in bowling

In the first period without computerized scoring machine, people don’t like bowling because it makes difficulty in keeping ball by manually.

In particular, bowling is really difficult to control and move balls for some infrequent players. So, it becomes strange with many people.

Since computerized scoring machine has been applied in throwing skills, it can reduce pain and pressure in scoring by 100 percent. When ease of pain, you can focus all on the ball and get pins effectively.

2/ Kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) in auto race

KERS was first launched in 2009 for some famous auto racing such as Formula One, NASCAR…then it has been a good option for any team who expects safe and harmony with the environment.

However, any racer focuses good result, they will ignore it because KERS has big weights.

In general, it has two benefits. Firstly, it makes friendly race with the environment which all people tend to grow seriously in the near future. Secondly, it gives a good chance to pace up with other opponents in down the stretch or pull away from the final lap. So, it make more exciting in some finishes lines.

Until now, it is popularly used in almost F1 races. On average, one KERS has 35-kilogram weight. Its main function is to recover the kinetic energy in heating of car.

Top the greatest football players all the time

If someone loves football, they will remember names of famous footballers like Pele, Messi, Ronaldo so on. Although they can stop their football career, they still became legend when being referred.

There are many players contributing their talent and passion to create great history of the king sport- football.

In this article, we continue to share top the greatest footballers all the time in the world. Following it if you expect to see back some major football events from the pass.

4/ Zinedine Zidane

He was born in 1972 and played at midfielder for the France national team. He was ranked for one of the greatest Muslim soccer players in all the time.

When referring to Zidane, we can’t miss his head to Italy’s net in finals in World Cup 2006. His performance was voted as one of the most remembered moment in World Cup history.

During his career, he was ever praised as the finest European footballer all time which was the most deserved award for any footballer. In addition, he also reached three times for the FIFA World Player of the Year and one time for the Ballon d’Or.

5/ Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is playing for Juventus and Portugal national team in captain role. He has started football career since he was still young with series of achievements about prizes and transfer.

His transfer contract is always a hot topic annually. Before 2009, he played for Manchester. Then he was transferred to Real Madrid. Until 2013, he was changed his transfer contract to Real Madrid with the super high amount 100million dollars. All rich clubs always want to own this talented footballer.

Besides his talent, he is voted as the most handsome footballer in the world. therefore, he has received many contracts for advertisings and films.

In his career, he has reached 5 times for Ballon d’Or award.

Top the greatest football players all the time

Football is one of the most favorite sports for team which is called a nickname “the king of sports”. The fact that almost people are loving football, even they don’t know rules or any football team. Only seeing players run and chase ball on the yard, they feel interesting.

In general, football has a rich history with full of decorated competitions and players. In this article, we will discuss top the greatest football players all the time.

1/ Pele

He ever played for Brazilian football team who contributed to champions titles for World Cup or Olypics of this team.

Many experts as well the Internatinal federation about football named him as the football player of the century or the greatest player on our planet. The fact that, his talent and passion for football should be followed for all players in the next generation.

During his heydays, he was a highest-paid footballer thanks to his titles.

2/ Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi currently plays for Barcelona FC and Argentine national football team as a forward. He is considered as the best player all time in La Liga.

Fans as well the football federation have selected this captain as the best scored all the time.

In his career, he became the first player to reach top-score in 4 consecutive of the Champion league. He also won 5 times for the Ballon d’Or and the youngest footballer to get 200 goals in La Liga.

In his period, he is a highest-paid footballer in the world.

3/ Diego Maradona

Maradona was a player of the 20th century with Pele. He played at Argentina national football team.

Until now, he still was the greatest hero in Argentina with “Han of God” goal. In his lifetime, he set the record for twice transfer with a big fee.

How has the development of technology affected the US?

Growth and stock prices of technology firms in the US are plummeting from the peak. This raises the question of tighter regulation from officials and the future of the business.

In US business history, only two technology companies have reached trillion dollars, which are Apple and Amazon.

The trillion-dollar milestone achieved by these two huge names is a reminder of how the technology industry has been dominating the US economy. It also marked an impressive decade in which American society and businesses changed. Now Silicon Valley is starting to worry about the technology industry reaching its peak and starting to plummet.

The sports betting also evolved and experienced the impact of the technology on this huge market which was legalized in the USA, not only that it changed completely the betting industry and revolutionized it, these days people are going less and less to the bookie’s shops and now do everything online

The largest technology companies in the US have passed the boom time

This is a good time to stop and acknowledge that the series of tech industry forecasts that have peaked and are about to plummet in the past few years. In 2012, many people warned that Facebook would slide because it was unable to adapt to smartphones, Apple’s growth will be difficult because of economic challenges. That year, many journalists, entrepreneurs, and economists debated the tech bubble. They continued to do so in the years later.

However, the reality is the opposite. Leading technology firms continue to be incredibly successful. Last time, not many businesses were as influential as Apple, Amazon or Google. But now, slowing growth is inevitable, said Crawford del Prete, director of operations at research firm IDC.

Big criticism comes along with the size of the business

It is no coincidence that the increasing dominance of the technology industry is accompanied by concerns about the industry’s weight on the world economy, culture and political system. Although there are no new and major regulations imposed on US technology firms, there are increasing calls for this.

In Europe and the United States, people are calling on the government to take anti-trust actions to prevent technology firms from using their power to penetrate new businesses in dominant positions. Besides, many experts predict that big, money-savvy tech companies will consider acquiring and merging more as businesses mature, leaving them deeper into tense political situations.

US President Donald Trump has voiced skepticism about the market power that Google and Amazon have, but the US government currently has no firm plans for antitrust in the industry.

The difference between treadmill and cycling equipment (Part 1)

Indoor cycling equipment and treadmill are two of the most popular exercise machines, both for home use and in the gym. Both provide effective cardiovascular exercises. Exercises that you get from both indoor cycling equipment and treadmill are extremely beneficial. They can even make you feel better by doing endorphins – hormones that block pain signals and help you feel good.

However, the thought of a crowded gym makes you break out in a cold sweat. Does the home gym sound more reasonable? Join us to find out what the difference between the two types above and what type of product is suitable for home practice!


In order to make a decision about which device to use, it is essential to understand what the definitions of these two types of products are.

Indoor bike training equipment

Popular indoor cycling equipment like a treadmill and provides a good aerobics exercise. Their popularity has increased over the years with bikes and they’ve become one of the home fitness equipment.

Over the years, their design and technology aspects have improved, as well as programs that simulate outdoor cycling in comfort at home or at the gym. These are less expensive than treadmills. They are reasonably priced, so you don’t need to save huge amounts to lose weight and get in shape. Indoor cycling equipment is no different from outdoor bicycles and most people feel comfortable using them. Because most people have cycled.

This type of machine provides low-level exercises for beginners to high levels for professional athletes, without putting too much strain on the spine. Indoor cycling equipment is the ideal exercise machine for people who have back problems. Physical therapists have been incorporating indoor cycling equipment into their practice for years, to help recover athletes’ knee injuries, while still maintaining cardiovascular endurance.

Unlike a treadmill, primarily for running and walking, indoor cycling equipment gives users the opportunity to increase their heart rate, without significant stress on the knees, ankles, feet or hips. Although there are many fitness equipment available for home gyms, indoor cycling equipment is still the choice in most modern families today. Undeniably, they are an excellent form of “cardio” training that is even easier to do indoors.