Top outstanding innovations about technology in sports (Part 1)

Technology plays an important role in development of society as well all fields related. One of them is growth of sports through advanced technology.

In this article, we collect top outstanding innovations applied for sports. In general, technology brings breakthroughs, conveniences and higher achievements for many kinds of sports as well athletes. So, all people respect and take advantages of technology to develop sports better and better.

1, Computerized scoringin bowling

Bowling is a new sport in the world which is famous for the young so much. 

In the first period of launching, players are in difficulties when collecting scores once throwing a correct ball. This sport requests one player in the middle of two players to take note scores correctly. However, sometimes they doubt about the results or feel inconvenient to follow their scores as well status of other opponents.

Then, the computerized scoring machine has been invented to keep the scores in anytime when a ball is thrown correctly. It is also automatically followed all scores for players. So, they can update scores continuously.

2, Kinetic Energy Recovery system in auto races

This innovation was applied in the first time in 2009 in F1. Then it was rejected to use in all auto racing in 2010. After series of disputes, it is a now optional for many teams or unique diver so that it brings safety and carefulness during the races.

The most outstanding reason was rejected this point because it was heavy to carry easily. So, it could affect the final results if someone has not used it.

However, it brings some outstanding benefits like: it is friendly with the environment which all people are concerning. The next, it is helpful for racers to catch up top leading or pull away in the final lap.