Top great mobile phones for sports (Part 1)

You usually go out to play outdoors sports, so you prefer to use a rugged smartphone instead of super device as normally. It’s great because your activities can lead to a drop or fall accidentally and break your phone. It wastes if you are using an expensive smartphone.

Don’t worry because there are a wide range of option for rugged phone to withstand your drops and falls many times. 

Furthermore, it is integrated to be against dust and water protection. Maybe these appearances don’t look nice and slight as normal smartphone, but it’s convenient to protect itself when dropping from the height. Even, it is extra durable after some breaks or falls.

In this article, we share top great mobile phones matching to go outdoors and play sports.

1, CAT S41

It is run on the Android operating system which is considered as the best systems all over the world.

It is compliedwith IP68-certification. It means it has good ability for water and dust protection. 

Although the peformance is not good as sotiphicated devices, it has impressive hardware. It has RAM with 3GB and internal memory storge with 32GB which is enough to save a big source of data.

This device is convenient to use GPS and bluetooth availably while you are running or playing.

2, Doogee S60

Doogee S60 is also used the Android operating system. In general, Android is suitable to design the rugged devices when they focus on harward than software.

This phone is bigger than CAT S41 with 5.2” IPSdisplay. It is also integrated with IP68-certification as CAT S41.

Because budget of Doogee S60 is more expensive, it has 64GB internal memory and estimated 128GB in micro-SD. This storage is so large to cover everything in a long time.