Top great mobile phones for sports (Part 2)

In this article, we continue to review some mobile phones which you can use in playing sports. It has unique features about design and configuration so that it’s convenient and useful to serve you during the game.

If you are a fan of sport, you shouldn’t miss our recommendation to avoid damage and risk for your smart phone in playing game.

3, Ulefone Armor 2

Ulefone Armor 2 is certified IP68 which is useful to be active under the water.

It is compatial with Octa-core with 1080×1920 resolution, so it is highly appreciated for easy-care and easy-clean.

Google android 7.0 is fixed on its operation. So good to download any app from the store.

Although it is used for sport, the camera 16 megapixels is so greate to take good pictures. Espcially, it has a long span about 4,700 mAh. It is comparatively long to go outside during a day. It is a strong feature compared with other smartphoens.

Besides it, it is designed sturdy to be against drops and broke. So, this smartphone is deserved to be bought within bugdet about $280.

4, Hamswan S2

If you tend to own a basic phone to use alongside with another smartphone, Hamswan S2 is a cheap phone for your option. At price about $25, it’s reasonable to reference.

It also reaches IP68 cerfication and connection 2G only. It has long battery about 2,200 mAh.

Quality of camera is suitable with its value. Only reaching to 0.2 megapixels. However, it’s a spare part while you are playing game. So, it’s not really necessary.

Expect smart functions like camera, using the internet in limitation, it is easy to text and call anytime. Display only has 2.0 inch display so it’s easy to put in your bag without feeling discomfort.

Top great mobile phones for sports (Part 1)

You usually go out to play outdoors sports, so you prefer to use a rugged smartphone instead of super device as normally. It’s great because your activities can lead to a drop or fall accidentally and break your phone. It wastes if you are using an expensive smartphone.

Don’t worry because there are a wide range of option for rugged phone to withstand your drops and falls many times. 

Furthermore, it is integrated to be against dust and water protection. Maybe these appearances don’t look nice and slight as normal smartphone, but it’s convenient to protect itself when dropping from the height. Even, it is extra durable after some breaks or falls.

In this article, we share top great mobile phones matching to go outdoors and play sports.

1, CAT S41

It is run on the Android operating system which is considered as the best systems all over the world.

It is compliedwith IP68-certification. It means it has good ability for water and dust protection. 

Although the peformance is not good as sotiphicated devices, it has impressive hardware. It has RAM with 3GB and internal memory storge with 32GB which is enough to save a big source of data.

This device is convenient to use GPS and bluetooth availably while you are running or playing.

2, Doogee S60

Doogee S60 is also used the Android operating system. In general, Android is suitable to design the rugged devices when they focus on harward than software.

This phone is bigger than CAT S41 with 5.2” IPSdisplay. It is also integrated with IP68-certification as CAT S41.

Because budget of Doogee S60 is more expensive, it has 64GB internal memory and estimated 128GB in micro-SD. This storage is so large to cover everything in a long time.

Reasons Not to Give a Smartphone to Your Child

A smartphone is a great thing to have, but while it can offer you many things, but there are many reasons not to give a smartphone to your child or let your child play with yours. Here are several reasons why you should not give a smartphone to your child.

The Relationship

The parent-child relationship is an important one and in younger children the growth of that relationship is key. However, giving a child a smartphone can hinder that relationship, and you have to foster it and spend time with you child. Not only are you not spending quality time with your child if they are on a smartphone often, but with instantaneous info that is available through that technology, it also can hinder their process for finding out things on their own.

Not Very Creative

There are tons of games and activities for children on smartphones, but it can limit their creativity and imagination. Staring at a screen and pushing buttons is not the best way to foster real creatively and not only that but the younger a child uses a smartphone the more likely it is that their motor and optical development can be hindered.

Sleep is Key

Sleep is key for every person, but this is more so the case with children. If you give a child a smartphone, they may play it in bed rather than sleeping or doing other things such as read a nighttime book. Children need sleep to give food to the brain and letting them play with a smartphone in bed can impede that.

Learning Issues

Children’s use of a smartphone can impede social-economic development in a child and research has backed this. According to research in the area, much-needed math and science learning skills can be hurt by the use of devices where a simple touch of the screen can take the form of problem-solving.

Addiction Issue

We have all been addicted to instant information, which is so easy to get on a smartphone, but children are as well, and that addition can lead up a slippery slope. Any source of addiction is not a good one and if a child is addicted to usig a smartphone it takes away from the other activities that they can be doing that can be better for them not only socially, but creatively as well.

The Health Factors

Letting your child have a smartphone can have a negative impact on the mental health of your child. Research has shown that overactive use with phones and the internet can lead to depression and lethargy. On top of that when playing on a smartphone, it is pretty obvious that it is not a physical activity. The overuse of smartphones and other electronic devices can bring about obesity, since it can, many times, take the place of physical activity.

The Issue of Violence

In many games and videos, violence is the prevalent theme and children can be desensitized to violence by playing games and watching videos on a smartphone. Sure, there are great learning games and videos online as well, but many are violent and are not suitable for children, especially younger ones. Showing violence as a way to solve problems in a game or video is not a trait you want to teach your children, and with a smartphone, they will be privy to many of those things, which is not the best way to teach your child about violence and how to deal with it.

Role of Mobile Devices in Education

Technology has intruded and transformed every sector to an extent that people see and do things easily and simple. Mobile devices are among the technological advancements that have made communication and learning simple. In today’s learning institutions, mobile devices are used by both teachers and pupils to store learning sources that aid in the simple and effective learning of students. Some of these devices even have teaching methodologies to make students grasp concepts easily and effectively. The device to use depends on the level of the learner and the purposes of using the device.

These Devices Prepare Students for the Future

future students

Before the coming of these devices, people used to be given handouts that contain notes and other kind of information. It is during this period that prepared educators to equip students with resources for them to learn by themselves. Currently, the mobile devices that students are using are meant to prepare the learners for the future learning trends that are to come.

Eliminates the Boredom of Paperwork and Classwork


Before the coming of these devices, students used to read notes all around the clock. Notes were enriching, but not all of them had the capability of teaching students all the concepts in the appropriate way possible. Mobile devices can contain videos, animation videos and graphs to make people understand concepts easily. If you are bored with class paperwork, you can turn to videos, and watch so that you enhance your understanding. There are some lessons which are even recorded as videos to ensure that students listen and understand.

Mobile Devices Promote Research

research internet

Mobile devices are equipped with internet and students can research various topics that they have been taught. This will not only facilitate discovery of more things; it will increase the learning morale of the learners. Most students invent new things through reading extra materials apart from the ones they have been taught by the teacher. Through internet, they will be able to research a lot of things and dig more information.

Easy Storage, Easy Access of Materials

laptop for student

Unlike books that you need to carry only a few of them, these devices contain all kinds of materials. You can store learning materials of from pre-school to university level and still access them within the blink of an eye. Once you search a book, a page or any material, it will be availed to you in the blink of an eye. All you need to do is to ensure that you store the material inside the device. You can make several copies and store in other devices for purposes of security.

Besides the above importance, you will realize that mobile devices have up to date information which make learners to always be on the perfect track. They will learn current things and access trending information. You don’t need textbooks or hardcopy materials when have these devices because they can store everything you need to have for your learning. Even your class notes can be added to your device easily.

Top 5 Smartphones

Smartphones have become a standard piece of equipment for most people of today. They are far more than just a phone but are devices that enable information at a moment’s notice, and one most rely on for a wide range of applications, both in their personal lives and in their business lives.

Most major phones for 2017 were improvements over previous models, but some stand out above the rest; here is our list of top 5 smartphones.

1. Apple iPhone X

The Apple iPhone X packed a punch that saw it ranked one of the best to date. At an average cost of $999 for the 64GB model and $1,150 for the 256GB one, it is designed with a 5.8-inch screen and is the first to use OLED Samsung panel. It has been engineered without buttons on the face of the phone and used advanced facial recognition for unlocking the phone. Another appreciated feature is its wireless charging capabilities. The Apple iPhone X uses the A11 bionic chip to power its operating system and includes a motion coprocessor, is water and dust resistant and offers a 7-megapixel camera. To date, it is the most advanced released and is designed to provide a big screen user experience in a compact package design.

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung is a top producer and gives Apple a run for its money with the Galaxy Note 8. It is one of the more advanced phones available. Priced at $950 on average,t he Infinity Display is larger by 1 inch over its predecessor, the Galaxy 7 and offers 64GB and the fastest processor on the market. It also has been designed with del rear cameras, a new “Bixby” assistant, front facing camera, wireless charging, is resistant to water and a host of other goodies.

3. Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL

The Google Pixel 2 and 2 XL received much fanfare upon its releases. The 2 XL offers a large screen, super-fast processor, up to 128GB of storage, rear camera, stereo speakers and is water and dust resistant. The Pixel 2 is smaller, with it offering a 5-inch screen. When you consider its cost difference of $850 for the Pixel XL retails for $850 and $650 for the Pixel 2, then factor in each phone is equal in the design and features it offers, it is good value for the money as it includes free upgrades for a three year period.

4. Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus is a solid release that has a great appearance. Samsung priced the S8 at $750 and the Plus at $850, pricey yes, but well within its competitor’s pricing models. It offers all features that the Note 8 does with the exception being the dual rear camera and the S Pen. Recent price reductions have made this phone far more affordable with prices dropping several hundred.

5. Huawei Mate 10 Pro

Huawei Mate 10 Pro surprised many as it is a lesser known manufacturer of cell phone products. It has similar design features as found in the Google Pixel 2 and includes a dual rear camera, a Huawei Kirin 970 processor and more. It has a six-inch screen and offers up to 129GB of storage, a front and rear facing camera and excellent battery strength.