How does artificial intelligence boost the profits for casinos in Macau?

Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), traditional casinos are able to maintain the huge profits on the games of luck. Technology is one of the main elements that help traditional casinos to compete with online gambling industry.

Hidden cameras, face recognition technology and the age of AI invade the game of chance

Some of the world’s largest casino operators in Macau, the center of the worldwide gambling game, are beginning to deploy many technologies. The featured technology devices are hidden cameras, facial recognition technology, and technically activated poker digital chips and baccarat tables to track the most likely clients to lose.

According to Bloomberg, the new technology uses algorithms that can handle customer behavior at betting tables to determine their level of risk. In general, the higher the risk level, the more gamblers lose and casinos tend to earn more, sometimes up to 10 times.

The capture of this advanced surveillance technology comes as casinos operators have to look for opportunities to thrive in a sluggish industry, under pressure from global economic instability and agency oversight manager.

At the world’s largest gambling center, two bookmakers, the Macau division of Las Vegas Sands and MGM Resorts International, have begun to exploit some of these technologies at their casinos, Bloomberg quoted sources close as saying. Las Vegas Sands is planning to expand to more than 1,000 betting tables.

Three other bookmakers, including Wynn Macau, Galaxy Entertainment Group and Melco Resorts & Entertainment, are in discussions with suppliers about technology deployment.

Serious gambler group

Every month, more than three million people visit Macau. Most of them are rich and betting people. Advanced surveillance technologies will help casinos easily distinguish between serious “gamblers” and weekend play groups.

Casinos with surveillance cameras for security and fraud detection are not new, especially Las Vegas bookmakers also use RFID-enabled poker chips that can be disabled if they are stolen from casino. However, the newly released technologies took one step further in customer tracking and evaluation, thereby building a database of players.

Sands China, the Macau branch of the world’s largest house Las Vegas Sands, recently received a license from Chinese regulatory authorities to deploy the technology. Mr. Regensburg, a manager at Dallmeier Electronic (Germany), is working with casinos to redesign the camera, to hide them in the column instead of letting customers realize.