Top the greatest football players all the time

Football is one of the most favorite sports for team which is called a nickname “the king of sports”. The fact that almost people are loving football, even they don’t know rules or any football team. Only seeing players run and chase ball on the yard, they feel interesting.

In general, football has a rich history with full of decorated competitions and players. In this article, we will discuss top the greatest football players all the time.

1/ Pele

He ever played for Brazilian football team who contributed to champions titles for World Cup or Olypics of this team.

Many experts as well the Internatinal federation about football named him as the football player of the century or the greatest player on our planet. The fact that, his talent and passion for football should be followed for all players in the next generation.

During his heydays, he was a highest-paid footballer thanks to his titles.

2/ Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi currently plays for Barcelona FC and Argentine national football team as a forward. He is considered as the best player all time in La Liga.

Fans as well the football federation have selected this captain as the best scored all the time.

In his career, he became the first player to reach top-score in 4 consecutive of the Champion league. He also won 5 times for the Ballon d’Or and the youngest footballer to get 200 goals in La Liga.

In his period, he is a highest-paid footballer in the world.

3/ Diego Maradona

Maradona was a player of the 20th century with Pele. He played at Argentina national football team.

Until now, he still was the greatest hero in Argentina with “Han of God” goal. In his lifetime, he set the record for twice transfer with a big fee.

How has the development of technology affected the US?

Growth and stock prices of technology firms in the US are plummeting from the peak. This raises the question of tighter regulation from officials and the future of the business.

In US business history, only two technology companies have reached trillion dollars, which are Apple and Amazon.

The trillion-dollar milestone achieved by these two huge names is a reminder of how the technology industry has been dominating the US economy. It also marked an impressive decade in which American society and businesses changed. Now Silicon Valley is starting to worry about the technology industry reaching its peak and starting to plummet.

The sports betting also evolved and experienced the impact of the technology on this huge market which was legalized in the USA, not only that it changed completely the betting industry and revolutionized it, these days people are going less and less to the bookie’s shops and now do everything online

The largest technology companies in the US have passed the boom time

This is a good time to stop and acknowledge that the series of tech industry forecasts that have peaked and are about to plummet in the past few years. In 2012, many people warned that Facebook would slide because it was unable to adapt to smartphones, Apple’s growth will be difficult because of economic challenges. That year, many journalists, entrepreneurs, and economists debated the tech bubble. They continued to do so in the years later.

However, the reality is the opposite. Leading technology firms continue to be incredibly successful. Last time, not many businesses were as influential as Apple, Amazon or Google. But now, slowing growth is inevitable, said Crawford del Prete, director of operations at research firm IDC.

Big criticism comes along with the size of the business

It is no coincidence that the increasing dominance of the technology industry is accompanied by concerns about the industry’s weight on the world economy, culture and political system. Although there are no new and major regulations imposed on US technology firms, there are increasing calls for this.

In Europe and the United States, people are calling on the government to take anti-trust actions to prevent technology firms from using their power to penetrate new businesses in dominant positions. Besides, many experts predict that big, money-savvy tech companies will consider acquiring and merging more as businesses mature, leaving them deeper into tense political situations.

US President Donald Trump has voiced skepticism about the market power that Google and Amazon have, but the US government currently has no firm plans for antitrust in the industry.

The Important Role of Mobile Devices in Education

Technology has taken over several aspects of our lives. From security to health and also to education sector, the role of technology has been critical. The mobile devices are the easiest reference point when analyzing how technology has impacted the lives of people. This is because the mobile devices are rated as the most used tools in making use of the modern technology.

In education, the mobile devices play a critical role. The classroom lessons can be conducted through the mobile phones. This makes these devices the greatest contributors to the effect of technology in learning. So how have the mobile devices contributed to education sector?

The Mobile Devices Enable Inquiry-Based Learning

Inquiry-Based Learning

Through the mobile devices applications, students can be able to send inquiries to the instructors at any time from any location. This facilitation through the inquiries is what is called inquiry-based learning. You don’t have to be in class to send these inquiries to your teacher. Students can be able to send the inquiries to other students and learning communities too. The creation of student discussion groups in the yesteryears has been taken a notch higher through the applications. If you attended a boarding school in the years when we didn’t have the phones, you know how difficult it was to get a question answered over the holidays.

Therefore, you had to literally walk to another person’s home so that you can discuss this query and have an answer. Or basically, you had to wait for schools reopening to ask the tutor. However, with the student’s groups and online forums, you can be able to ask a question and get an answer almost immediately. This is the power of mobile devices in education and knowledge sharing.

Mobile Devices Enable Video Learning

video learning

This is another great addition to the education sector from the mobile devices. We have robust video applications that can be used to share knowledge between the learners and also the tutors to the learners. The E-learning is a reality as you can be able to log in to a live class session in the UK while you are in Malaysia. Therefore, the much-needed teacher-student interaction can be run through the video applications in the mobile devices. Google uses the Classroom application to teach the developers worldwide and their applications users. This is a good example of how the mobile devices help in sharing knowledge and bridging the gap between the knowledge tanks and the students.

Mobile Devices Have Enabled Re-inventing of Textbooks

You don’t have to purchase a physical textbook to read it. You can read the E-books. The downloadable versions of the E-book can be shared with the other readers too. This makes the books affordable, and therefore it is easy for the readers to get the essential knowledge. Readers can team up and purchase an E-book and share among themselves. This is possible even if they are oceans apart.

These are some of the advantages of the mobile devices in education. Therefore, the schools and colleges should be encouraged to invest more in the devices since they make learning easier and enjoyable not forgetting affordability.