Top great mobile phones for sports (Part 2)

In this article, we continue to review some mobile phones which you can use in playing sports. It has unique features about design and configuration so that it’s convenient and useful to serve you during the game.

If you are a fan of sport, you shouldn’t miss our recommendation to avoid damage and risk for your smart phone in playing game.

3, Ulefone Armor 2

Ulefone Armor 2 is certified IP68 which is useful to be active under the water.

It is compatial with Octa-core with 1080×1920 resolution, so it is highly appreciated for easy-care and easy-clean.

Google android 7.0 is fixed on its operation. So good to download any app from the store.

Although it is used for sport, the camera 16 megapixels is so greate to take good pictures. Espcially, it has a long span about 4,700 mAh. It is comparatively long to go outside during a day. It is a strong feature compared with other smartphoens.

Besides it, it is designed sturdy to be against drops and broke. So, this smartphone is deserved to be bought within bugdet about $280.

4, Hamswan S2

If you tend to own a basic phone to use alongside with another smartphone, Hamswan S2 is a cheap phone for your option. At price about $25, it’s reasonable to reference.

It also reaches IP68 cerfication and connection 2G only. It has long battery about 2,200 mAh.

Quality of camera is suitable with its value. Only reaching to 0.2 megapixels. However, it’s a spare part while you are playing game. So, it’s not really necessary.

Expect smart functions like camera, using the internet in limitation, it is easy to text and call anytime. Display only has 2.0 inch display so it’s easy to put in your bag without feeling discomfort.