10 Best Android Apps You Need to Know About This 2018

10 Best Android Apps You Need to Know About This 2018Thanks to these genius app developers, every now and then we see various apps developing, allowing us to enjoy new heights of functionality and enjoyment in our smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

But of course, with a myriad of choices around, it’s hard to keep track on all of them. Well, actually you don’t need to track each of them, you just need to find out which one among them is the best. And, that’s what we’re here for.

The Top 10 Best Android Apps for 2018

The key to making the most out of your mobile phone is making sure it is loaded with the best Android apps around! So, here are the top 10 best Android apps this 2018, that you shouldn’t miss downloading:

  • Driving Detective

We all know that driving and using smartphones is a recipe for disaster. This free Driving Detective app helps see to it that you’re focus on the road, and not on your phone. It automatically puts your phone in ‘Do not disturb’ mode and at the same time turns off your notifications. It’s a straightforward, user-friendly app and it automatically stops when you walk away a short distance from your car or after you’ve remained parked for over 15 minutes.

  • Sojourn

If you are into a diary or journal apps, Sojourn app is for you. This free app lets you log your activities, your thoughts and things in between. This modernized journal app doesn’t require those flowery and poetic words as it focuses on short entries. And, it doesn’t have any sharing features so feel free to write genuine posts, it’s totally just for you.

  • YouTube Music

This is basically a music streaming app that centers, obviously, around YouTube experience that allows users to browse on YouTube music videos which are based on recommendations, play lists, and genres.

  • TaoMix 2

With a lot of distractions, it’s harder to focus and relax nowadays. TaoMix 2 features sounds and features that help promote a relaxing ambience. It’s great for meditation sessions, when you want to relax and have a deep sleep and when you simply want to enjoy the sounds of nature.

  • Textra

Are you bored with your Android messaging app? Textra app offers an enhanced, highly customizable and faster texting app.

  • TickTick

Here’s to keep you organized and make sure you stay on top of your of your schedule. TickTick is a powerful yet easy to use task management app that you can sync through all your devices in the cloud.

  • Pocket Casts

This app allows you to enjoy various podcasts, both audio-only and video, plus, allows you to sync your podcasts through your other devices via the cloud.

  • Snowball

Get all your social media app together with this one single free app. Snowball lets you juggle across multiple social networks and manage your notifications which you can browse through in a breeze.

  • Solid Explorer File Management

This app offers the best way to manage your files and folders and keep them secured. It is customizable and you can adjust the interface seamlessly to suit your taste.

  • Greenify

Apps are great, but they can easily drain out the life out of your battery, which is why Greenify is one of the best apps to have in your mobile device. The app allows you to hibernate all those apps that you aren’t using all the time so you can maximize your battery power.

Camera Tools That Are Not Commonly Used

You are probably not giving enough thought on the camera tool on your phone, but you don’t necessarily have to stick with the camera tools provided by Google or Apple. You will realise that there are some incredible third-party mobile applications that will elevate your photography level to greater heights. In this article, we will go through the different apps that are not commonly used.

Camera Apps That Are Better Than the Standard Camera Tools

Smartphone manufacturers are designing a more reliable camera that comes with additional features that allows them to capture exemplary images even in low light. This is due to the fact that most consumers will base their decision according to the strength of the phone’s camera. By using an incredible camera app, you will be able to enjoy your camera in its full potential.


Manual app provides you an access to the pro setting that you won’t find in your standard iPhone app. You will be able to adjust the level of exposure, focus, white balance, ISO, and shutter speed. The basic of the photo map and histogram has also been integrated into the interface that will allow you to easily access it while reviewing the pictures of adjusting the frame. You will also have the opportunity to choose from the black or white theme. It is also user-friendly and clean.

Camera FV-5

Camera FV-5

The Camera FV-5 is considered as the Manual of Android devices. This is due to the fact that it grants the owner with better control on your camera functions. There are also settings that the professional photographers can use. Multiple configurations will allow you to transform your pictures in a high-quality photo. There are also handy features that you can set before you even take your photos.


Focus peaking is probably the most unique feature of this camera tool. By using this mobile app, the object which serves as the focus will be highlighted on the screen. The camera tool will then provide you with an access to different tools that allows you to compose the shot intelligently. It also allows you to create various camera effects such as the background blur. Apart from the focus peaking, the camera tool also has features that you can use for framing shots such as live light, exposure compensation, white balance, speed control, and fill flash.



Camera+ is one of the earlier types of camera tools, but it is not commonly used. Camera+ comes with features that even the pros will find handy. Furthermore, using these features is not that complicated. The interface of the application is perfectly designed. The features intended for taking pictures and tweaking is certainly the best in the market today.

All cameras come with a camera tool. Nonetheless, you should still try the apps we mentioned above. It comes with various features that are not included in the standard app that allows you to take high-quality camera at a fraction of the cost.

Interesting Applications You Didn’t Know Existed

Gone are the days when mobile phones were simply used to call and send simple messages when the only application on the device was the calendar and the most popular game was snake xenzia.

Today, mobile devices are indeed very smart devices that are used in most areas of our lives. With the increased demand for smartphones, many software developers have been busy in the technology hubs building interesting applications to make life easier and more enjoyable. Hence, today, there is practically an application for everything, even one to track the number of footsteps you take in a day!

It is true, mobile applications; especially those on android are being developed and released every single day. Developers have been caught up in a frenzy to develop interesting applications for every area in life. Listed below are some of the most interesting applications in the market.

Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness

The modern generation has been facing challenges of health and fitness due to the lifestyle that most of us have chosen to live. Cases of heart attacks, diabetes, cancer and other lifestyle diseases have been on the rise. Hence, developers have come up with applications to monitor and keep our lifestyles in check. Such interesting applications include:

Samsung Health

Samsung Health

This is an interesting application that is used to monitor an individual’s levels of physical activity, to provide coaching on effective weight management and to create healthy habits for the users.

Calorie Counter- My Fitness Pal

This is a mobile application that was developed to aid users keen on weight management. The application monitors the calorie intake of an individual, provides tips on having a balanced diet and coaches the users on ways to keep physically fit.



Unlike in the olden days where people had to visit photo studios to get pictures, people today simply use smartphones to take beautiful pictures everywhere and anywhere, even under water! This has brought up the increased need to edit the photos taken to make them brighter and sharper. Interesting applications that deal with photos include:

Photoshop CC

Photoshop CC

This is a desktop application developed to make ordinary photos that are taken on a mobile device appear brighter, finer and more vivid. It can also be used to apply filters on a picture after which the user has the option to share the picture on various social media sites.

Google Photos

Of all the applications that deal with photos, this one has to be the most interesting application yet. The application can be used to back-up media files in the phone, therefore, making space within the phone storage. In addition, the application allows users to search for their photos depending on the date or the event that was taking place. Hence, users have ready access to their numerous photos despite a low device storage space.


Other areas of life in which mobile applications have made a grand entry include reading and news, security, shopping, social media and travel among many others. In all these areas, interesting application shave been developed to make life easier.