Role of Mobile Devices in Education

Technology has intruded and transformed every sector to an extent that people see and do things easily and simple. Mobile devices are among the technological advancements that have made communication and learning simple. In today’s learning institutions, mobile devices are used by both teachers and pupils to store learning sources that aid in the simple and effective learning of students. Some of these devices even have teaching methodologies to make students grasp concepts easily and effectively. The device to use depends on the level of the learner and the purposes of using the device.

These Devices Prepare Students for the Future

future students

Before the coming of these devices, people used to be given handouts that contain notes and other kind of information. It is during this period that prepared educators to equip students with resources for them to learn by themselves. Currently, the mobile devices that students are using are meant to prepare the learners for the future learning trends that are to come.

Eliminates the Boredom of Paperwork and Classwork


Before the coming of these devices, students used to read notes all around the clock. Notes were enriching, but not all of them had the capability of teaching students all the concepts in the appropriate way possible. Mobile devices can contain videos, animation videos and graphs to make people understand concepts easily. If you are bored with class paperwork, you can turn to videos, and watch so that you enhance your understanding. There are some lessons which are even recorded as videos to ensure that students listen and understand.

Mobile Devices Promote Research

research internet

Mobile devices are equipped with internet and students can research various topics that they have been taught. This will not only facilitate discovery of more things; it will increase the learning morale of the learners. Most students invent new things through reading extra materials apart from the ones they have been taught by the teacher. Through internet, they will be able to research a lot of things and dig more information.

Easy Storage, Easy Access of Materials

laptop for student

Unlike books that you need to carry only a few of them, these devices contain all kinds of materials. You can store learning materials of from pre-school to university level and still access them within the blink of an eye. Once you search a book, a page or any material, it will be availed to you in the blink of an eye. All you need to do is to ensure that you store the material inside the device. You can make several copies and store in other devices for purposes of security.

Besides the above importance, you will realize that mobile devices have up to date information which make learners to always be on the perfect track. They will learn current things and access trending information. You don’t need textbooks or hardcopy materials when have these devices because they can store everything you need to have for your learning. Even your class notes can be added to your device easily.

Top 5 Smartphones

Smartphones have become a standard piece of equipment for most people of today. They are far more than just a phone but are devices that enable information at a moment’s notice, and one most rely on for a wide range of applications, both in their personal lives and in their business lives.

Most major phones for 2017 were improvements over previous models, but some stand out above the rest; here is our list of top 5 smartphones.

1. Apple iPhone X

The Apple iPhone X packed a punch that saw it ranked one of the best to date. At an average cost of $999 for the 64GB model and $1,150 for the 256GB one, it is designed with a 5.8-inch screen and is the first to use OLED Samsung panel. It has been engineered without buttons on the face of the phone and used advanced facial recognition for unlocking the phone. Another appreciated feature is its wireless charging capabilities. The Apple iPhone X uses the A11 bionic chip to power its operating system and includes a motion coprocessor, is water and dust resistant and offers a 7-megapixel camera. To date, it is the most advanced released and is designed to provide a big screen user experience in a compact package design.

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung is a top producer and gives Apple a run for its money with the Galaxy Note 8. It is one of the more advanced phones available. Priced at $950 on average,t he Infinity Display is larger by 1 inch over its predecessor, the Galaxy 7 and offers 64GB and the fastest processor on the market. It also has been designed with del rear cameras, a new “Bixby” assistant, front facing camera, wireless charging, is resistant to water and a host of other goodies.

3. Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL

The Google Pixel 2 and 2 XL received much fanfare upon its releases. The 2 XL offers a large screen, super-fast processor, up to 128GB of storage, rear camera, stereo speakers and is water and dust resistant. The Pixel 2 is smaller, with it offering a 5-inch screen. When you consider its cost difference of $850 for the Pixel XL retails for $850 and $650 for the Pixel 2, then factor in each phone is equal in the design and features it offers, it is good value for the money as it includes free upgrades for a three year period.

4. Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus is a solid release that has a great appearance. Samsung priced the S8 at $750 and the Plus at $850, pricey yes, but well within its competitor’s pricing models. It offers all features that the Note 8 does with the exception being the dual rear camera and the S Pen. Recent price reductions have made this phone far more affordable with prices dropping several hundred.

5. Huawei Mate 10 Pro

Huawei Mate 10 Pro surprised many as it is a lesser known manufacturer of cell phone products. It has similar design features as found in the Google Pixel 2 and includes a dual rear camera, a Huawei Kirin 970 processor and more. It has a six-inch screen and offers up to 129GB of storage, a front and rear facing camera and excellent battery strength.

The Important Role of Mobile Devices in Education

Technology has taken over several aspects of our lives. From security to health and also to education sector, the role of technology has been critical. The mobile devices are the easiest reference point when analyzing how technology has impacted the lives of people. This is because the mobile devices are rated as the most used tools in making use of the modern technology.

In education, the mobile devices play a critical role. The classroom lessons can be conducted through the mobile phones. This makes these devices the greatest contributors to the effect of technology in learning. So how have the mobile devices contributed to education sector?

The Mobile Devices Enable Inquiry-Based Learning

Inquiry-Based Learning

Through the mobile devices applications, students can be able to send inquiries to the instructors at any time from any location. This facilitation through the inquiries is what is called inquiry-based learning. You don’t have to be in class to send these inquiries to your teacher. Students can be able to send the inquiries to other students and learning communities too. The creation of student discussion groups in the yesteryears has been taken a notch higher through the applications. If you attended a boarding school in the years when we didn’t have the phones, you know how difficult it was to get a question answered over the holidays.

Therefore, you had to literally walk to another person’s home so that you can discuss this query and have an answer. Or basically, you had to wait for schools reopening to ask the tutor. However, with the student’s groups and online forums, you can be able to ask a question and get an answer almost immediately. This is the power of mobile devices in education and knowledge sharing.

Mobile Devices Enable Video Learning

video learning

This is another great addition to the education sector from the mobile devices. We have robust video applications that can be used to share knowledge between the learners and also the tutors to the learners. The E-learning is a reality as you can be able to log in to a live class session in the UK while you are in Malaysia. Therefore, the much-needed teacher-student interaction can be run through the video applications in the mobile devices. Google uses the Classroom application to teach the developers worldwide and their applications users. This is a good example of how the mobile devices help in sharing knowledge and bridging the gap between the knowledge tanks and the students.

Mobile Devices Have Enabled Re-inventing of Textbooks

You don’t have to purchase a physical textbook to read it. You can read the E-books. The downloadable versions of the E-book can be shared with the other readers too. This makes the books affordable, and therefore it is easy for the readers to get the essential knowledge. Readers can team up and purchase an E-book and share among themselves. This is possible even if they are oceans apart.

These are some of the advantages of the mobile devices in education. Therefore, the schools and colleges should be encouraged to invest more in the devices since they make learning easier and enjoyable not forgetting affordability.

Camera Tools That Are Not Commonly Used

You are probably not giving enough thought on the camera tool on your phone, but you don’t necessarily have to stick with the camera tools provided by Google or Apple. You will realise that there are some incredible third-party mobile applications that will elevate your photography level to greater heights. In this article, we will go through the different apps that are not commonly used.

Camera Apps That Are Better Than the Standard Camera Tools

Smartphone manufacturers are designing a more reliable camera that comes with additional features that allows them to capture exemplary images even in low light. This is due to the fact that most consumers will base their decision according to the strength of the phone’s camera. By using an incredible camera app, you will be able to enjoy your camera in its full potential.


Manual app provides you an access to the pro setting that you won’t find in your standard iPhone app. You will be able to adjust the level of exposure, focus, white balance, ISO, and shutter speed. The basic of the photo map and histogram has also been integrated into the interface that will allow you to easily access it while reviewing the pictures of adjusting the frame. You will also have the opportunity to choose from the black or white theme. It is also user-friendly and clean.

Camera FV-5

Camera FV-5

The Camera FV-5 is considered as the Manual of Android devices. This is due to the fact that it grants the owner with better control on your camera functions. There are also settings that the professional photographers can use. Multiple configurations will allow you to transform your pictures in a high-quality photo. There are also handy features that you can set before you even take your photos.


Focus peaking is probably the most unique feature of this camera tool. By using this mobile app, the object which serves as the focus will be highlighted on the screen. The camera tool will then provide you with an access to different tools that allows you to compose the shot intelligently. It also allows you to create various camera effects such as the background blur. Apart from the focus peaking, the camera tool also has features that you can use for framing shots such as live light, exposure compensation, white balance, speed control, and fill flash.



Camera+ is one of the earlier types of camera tools, but it is not commonly used. Camera+ comes with features that even the pros will find handy. Furthermore, using these features is not that complicated. The interface of the application is perfectly designed. The features intended for taking pictures and tweaking is certainly the best in the market today.

All cameras come with a camera tool. Nonetheless, you should still try the apps we mentioned above. It comes with various features that are not included in the standard app that allows you to take high-quality camera at a fraction of the cost.

Interesting Applications You Didn’t Know Existed

Gone are the days when mobile phones were simply used to call and send simple messages when the only application on the device was the calendar and the most popular game was snake xenzia.

Today, mobile devices are indeed very smart devices that are used in most areas of our lives. With the increased demand for smartphones, many software developers have been busy in the technology hubs building interesting applications to make life easier and more enjoyable. Hence, today, there is practically an application for everything, even one to track the number of footsteps you take in a day!

It is true, mobile applications; especially those on android are being developed and released every single day. Developers have been caught up in a frenzy to develop interesting applications for every area in life. Listed below are some of the most interesting applications in the market.

Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness

The modern generation has been facing challenges of health and fitness due to the lifestyle that most of us have chosen to live. Cases of heart attacks, diabetes, cancer and other lifestyle diseases have been on the rise. Hence, developers have come up with applications to monitor and keep our lifestyles in check. Such interesting applications include:

Samsung Health

Samsung Health

This is an interesting application that is used to monitor an individual’s levels of physical activity, to provide coaching on effective weight management and to create healthy habits for the users.

Calorie Counter- My Fitness Pal

This is a mobile application that was developed to aid users keen on weight management. The application monitors the calorie intake of an individual, provides tips on having a balanced diet and coaches the users on ways to keep physically fit.



Unlike in the olden days where people had to visit photo studios to get pictures, people today simply use smartphones to take beautiful pictures everywhere and anywhere, even under water! This has brought up the increased need to edit the photos taken to make them brighter and sharper. Interesting applications that deal with photos include:

Photoshop CC

Photoshop CC

This is a desktop application developed to make ordinary photos that are taken on a mobile device appear brighter, finer and more vivid. It can also be used to apply filters on a picture after which the user has the option to share the picture on various social media sites.

Google Photos

Of all the applications that deal with photos, this one has to be the most interesting application yet. The application can be used to back-up media files in the phone, therefore, making space within the phone storage. In addition, the application allows users to search for their photos depending on the date or the event that was taking place. Hence, users have ready access to their numerous photos despite a low device storage space.


Other areas of life in which mobile applications have made a grand entry include reading and news, security, shopping, social media and travel among many others. In all these areas, interesting application shave been developed to make life easier.

The Android Mobile Phone Features 90% of Phone Owners Don’t Know Existed

The mobile devices literally changed the lifestyle of people a reality that many new users might not believe. In the days of fixed telephone lines, you only could talk over the phone and nothing else like sending a text message or even recording a voice message. However, nowadays there are countless things that you can do through a mobile phone. This is a possibility that is largely driven by the technological advancements. However, there are several features that the Android mobile phone has that are rarely used. Basically, these features are only used by less than 10% of the mobile phone users, yet they are some of the best features. So what are these features that you probably should begin using today? Keep reading to find the surprise you never knew your android phone has for you.

The Easiest Way to Prolong Your Phone Battery Life

This can be done by switching your android phone background into simple dark colour or basically choosing the black background. Therefore, if you are running using an android device that drains the battery faster than you expected, you can prolong the battery life by switching between these options. Actually, this is not the normal power saver mode you knew about. It is essentially switching the background into a dark colour. So try that today, and you probably will not have to carry two power banks.

The Text to Speech Feature

The Text to Speech Feature

Instead of reading the text messages, you can always choose to listen to them as you work. Therefore, while you are busy working on your computer, you can use this feature to read the listen to the text messages. Another common area where it can be used is when you are driving. Actually, it is a safety feature that many don’t know existed. To activate this feature, you can go to the settings, click on the accessibility tab, and make sure the text-to-speech output option is turned on. By using this feature, you can be able to achieve more and avoid the disrupting times when you have to reach for your mobile phone to read the texts.

The Smartphone Remote Control

The Smartphone Remote Control

You can be able to locate the mobile phone whenever it is stolen by activating this feature. All you need to make sure you have done is activating the feature on the mobile phone. On the settings tab, select the security and then tap on the device administrators and check the android device manager box. In case you accidentally lose the mobile phone, you will be able to use this feature to locate the phone, and you can as well erase all the information remotely. This is good because it enables you to have control of your phone even after losing it.

These are some of the less often used features of your mobile phone. You can always enable them and get the added advantage that comes with using them.

Interesting Tools in Mobile Devices

Mobile phones are excellent tools. Their basic functions include making phone calls, surfing the internet, texting other mobile users, taking photos, sending files, listening to music, or watching videos. We love phones so much that we take them everywhere even to the toilet.

However, they can do other interesting things. For instance, you can use your phone as a flashlight. If you download an app with the SOS feature, you can use it during an emergency. The calendar app on most phones is an excellent productivity tool. You can plan your day, week, and month using the app. It can remind you of upcoming birthdays and special events.

The calculator is another basic tool that is invaluable for many people. Today phones can do the work of a full scientific calculator. Thanks to applications, mobile devices have become truly multipurpose. Some of the interesting tools and apps for mobile devices include:

Google Maps

google maps

Google Maps is an indispensable application for the modern world.  You can get directions for more than 15,000 towns and cities worldwide. It highlights the borders of a city, county, province, state, and postal code. You can navigate any strange city or town with Google. If you need information about local businesses and more, you get them at your fingertips. Furthermore, you can explore the world from the comfort of your home with street views, 3D buildings, and receive traffic information. Thus, it is one of the interesting and invaluable tools.

Google Translate

google translate

The app is available for both iOS and Android users. You can translate 103 languages. The tool keeps getting accurate by the day. Now, you can translate 32 via languages voice in “conversation mode, 27 via real-time video in “augmented reality mode, and 37 via photo. It also features handwriting and text input. With the tool, you can interact with anyone across the world.

Cite This for Me

cite this for me

The app creates reference lists, citations, and bibliographies in several referencing styles such as APA, Chicago, Harvard, and MLA. You can also access it online. If you are a student or professional, it could be an invaluable tool.



The tool is garnering many users by the day. It allows someone to check up to 250 types of grammatical, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. You can check the text for plagiarism. Its free version has limited functions such as checking for grammar mistakes. The paid version gives useful insight into more advanced writing issues. Thus, it is a simple tool to elevate your writing quickly.

Bubble Level

Bubble Level

Bubble Level turns iOS, Windows, and Android devices into a spirit level. It utilises the phone’s accelerometer. If you are hanging a picture or assembling a piece of furniture, it will come in handy.  You first calibrate the accelerometer by placing the phone on a flat surface and proceed from there.



You can use your phone to count the number of steps you take in a day. The app available for both iOS and Android devices also tells you the number of calories you have burned. There is no shortage of great apps to turn your phone into a multipurpose tool.